Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove is the first development on Hamilton Island since 2007 and has already experienced encouraging results, with completion planned for mid-2016.

Only 22 medium-density properties are under development and 14 have already sold – or 63 percent of the developments – without any full marketing campaign and on a land size that would usually be occupied by 57 units or residences.

Three properties have witnessed price increases before construction has commenced, which indicates that real estate demand is high on the Island and a return to an upward trend for property values across the Island is taking place.

There is nothing quite like Hidden Cove anywhere else on the Island. It is a low-impact project set into and around one of the best spots in the Whitsundays, with award-winning building designer, Burleigh Designs, specialists in syncing with the Queensland environment, at its helm.

Beautifully private, each rooftop is four metres below any behind it on the sloping land and the views are long and uninterrupted out over Dent Passage.