About us

Our Company

Hamilton Island Real Estate (HIRE) has focused entirely on the sales and marketing of Hamilton Island property since opening its doors back in July 2007.

Along with our superior service and rigorous approach to the buying and selling process, we are a friendly, experienced team with unparalleled local knowledge and expertise.

We provide a tailored, personalised approach to your property investment needs on Hamilton Island. When it comes to marketing client’s island properties, we have a unique ability to access the substantial marketing resources of Hamilton Island.

We achieve the best possible results for our clients through a highly professional approach plus a commitment and dedication to your objectives.

HIRE’s Point of Difference

With industry qualifications and strong property retailing and investing experience, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with the people of Hamilton Island, rather than focusing on one-off transactions.

As property owners and residents of the island ourselves, we endeavour to achieve outstanding results for our clients whilst making the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for the people who will eventually become our neighbours.

Although we all have different backgrounds and come from different locations, the residents of Hamilton Island are a close community who move to the Island for the same reason – to invest in the lifestyle and an entirely unique way of life.