Property Spotlight

Architecture and design

Hamilton Island is home to a unique style of architecture and design. Some properties feature a distinct tropical design using natural timber and stone sourced from the region, with the aim of blending in with the natural environment. Other homes incorporate a more contemporary design with state-of-the-art architectural features that showcase modern living.

A key focus of the Oatley family is design excellence that perfectly captures and preserves the island’s unique tropical ambience and peaceful surrounds. As a result, a number of notable architects and designers have been engaged on the island and are responsible for some of Hamilton Island’s most iconic and much-loved buildings.

Walter Barda

Architect of the Yacht Club Villas and the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, Barda is an industry leader responsible for many visually impressive designs across Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. Significant projects have included Observatory Tower in Sydney’s CBD, the Tower Estate Resort Villas in The Hunter Valley and, of course, the Yacht Club and Villas here on Hamilton Island. A regularly exhibiting visual artist, the expression of architecture as an art form is a natural goal for Walter and his practice.

When it came to the design of the luxury Yacht Club Villas, Walter opted to complement the unique nautical location and lifestyle of Hamilton Island. The split-level design allows all rooms to share magnificent vistas from large outdoor terraces and balconies on each level. Drawing on natural elements from the environment, including shells, petals, marine and bird life, Barda’s signature style of organic forms and materials reflects the beauty of the spectacular landscape, while a sculptural flowing roofline suggests a casual sense of luxury.

For the outstanding Yacht Club and its first-class facilities, Walter chose to celebrate tropical marine life and boat form, and the drama of yachts taking on the natural forces of wind and water, through his exceptional design. Silhouettes of full sails inspired the leaves of the copper roof and expansive cantilevered terraces, making the Yacht Club an iconic centre of boating for all of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Chris Beckingham

Chris, a born and bred Whitsunday local, has left his mark on Hamilton Island with his design of qualia, the Hamilton Island Golf Clubhouse and a large number of exclusive houses dotted across the island. His latest home is the newly built house on Coral Bay, while most of the north facing homes are also designed by Chris, including Lotus, Papillion, Iluka, The Retreat, Clear Water and Whitsunday Views.

Chris uses natural timber and stone from the region in his designs and, being a local, he understands the natural environment and weather conditions that each building must adapt to.

The stunning Golf Clubhouse is an elegant retreat in timber and glass, set facing southeast and surrounded by serene vistas of the Whitsundays. Meanwhile, Chris’s philosophy with qualia was to create a luxurious Australian retreat that stimulates the senses and draws the outside in, with each pavilion handcrafted from the finest imported and local timber and set amongst native eucalyptus.

Renato D’ettorre

Born in Italy, Renato moved to Australia with his family in the 1960s, studying architecture before later spending time in Sardinia and Rome working for leading practices. He then returned to Sydney where he started his own practice in 1990 after a commission for a house in South Coogee.

His architectural style draws inspiration from past masters and civilisations, attempting to represent the present with a desire to leave enduring buildings for the future and Renato insists that his projects are allowed to develop in their own good time through continual revision and modification.

Originally employed to undertake a development called Water Level, the overseas owner of two Point Henning lots saw his work and the rest is history, as Renato successfully delivered a modern design to the island with Solis, which won the Australian national award for residential architecture in 2011 and the House of the Year award for Central Queensland in the same year. Renato then followed this up with the neighbouring home, Azuris, which was awarded the 2012 Building of the Year by the Australian Institute of Architects.