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"Hidden Cove" is all but a sell out! Only limited opportunities now exist!

Construction is well under way for the development with expected completion late 2017 for Stage 1.

Not many people have seen the beach that separates the Coral Sea from the green-covered land on the northwest edge of Hamilton Island. Even most locals don't know it's there, it's an undiscovered sanctuary. The only other properties that have a private beach are qualia Resort and the Yacht Club Villas. To say "Hidden Cove" is a very unique place is not an exaggeration.

The most recent new development on Hamilton Island was 2007, that was the last time there was an opportunity to buy a home or an investment off the plan like this, there is nothing else like it on the island. There's nothing quite like "Hidden Cove" on any island.

Designed by award winning architects Burleigh Design, specialists in syncing with the Queensland environment since 1980, "Hidden Cove" is a low impact project designed into and around one of the best spots in The Whitsundays. The beautiful thing about this location isn't just the sense of seclusion, it's also the way it gets that spectacular Dent Passage sunset without intense heat some other places on the Island have.

There are only 22 homes here, on a land size that usually contains about 57 units or residences. This is mid-density lifestyle at its best. Each semi is an 'end' - big windows are angled to catch the light, the breeze and invites the outside in. On the flipside, it's all very private. Each rooftop is at least 4m below any behind it on the sloping land - all the views are long, uninterrupted and out across Dent Passage. Most are single storey with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, except the 3 and 4 bedroom homes on two levels - these have their own plunge pools.

The entire property is hemmed by retained native gums and the rich green canopy of tropical Pandanus trees. Undisturbed, original trees huddle in between homes. This place was not designed to be obtrusive.

There is, of course, the show-off, showcase pool. An architect's trophy pool, for sure. It's huge, rather resort and glamorous with a cabana.

"Hidden Cove" development is planned for completion by late 2017, for more information contact Hamilton Island Real Estate for a prospectus or further information. You can also visit the exclusive website at http://www.hchi.info/index.html

Hidden Cove construction update video available here: https://vimeo.com/259647319

Hidden Cove construction update from Hamilton Island Real Estate on Vimeo.

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